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Monday, July 22, 2013

RWA 2013: Top Ten Things I learned

10.  “Downtime” is a figment of your imagination.
9.   Big rooms are cold. Little rooms are hot. Dress for both.
8.      The shoes that were so comfortable when you tried them on before conference magically no longer fit right.
7.      5 city blocks are impossibly long when you’re wearing anything other than walking shoes.
6.      There’s a reason I walk on tracks…it’s hard to stare at guys’ butts without falling off a treadmill.
5.      Bring tissue to the lunches because everyone will cry….laugh…cry…you get the drift.
4.      If there’s a workshop you really want to attend—everyone else does too. Get there early.
3.      No matter how big the tote bag you left your room with is, it’s not big enough to carry everything you will pick up, so bring a spare.
2.      Like locusts on crops, women can strip a publisher’s book signing within minutes.
And.... the number one thing:
           Don’t worry about how much the conference fee is, you’ll bring back enough free books to offset the cost…really…I did…and I got to a couple of books signings that had already been stripped by herds of voracious readers.